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bioMérieux Deutschland GmbH

Pioneering work in diagnostic

bioMérieux has been a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics since 1963, developing, manufacturing and distributing diagnostic solutions such as reagents, analysis systems, software and services for use in the medical and industrial sectors.

We are directly represented in 45 countries and serve more than 160 countries with the support of a large distribution network. In 2022, sales reached 3.6 billion euros, with over 90% of sales generated outside France. 

More than 13,000 employees (Dec. 2022) contribute to the company's success with their commitment worldwide. 

Approximately 12% of turnover is reinvested in research and development at 14 centers worldwide. The bioMérieux production sites are located in the USA, France, Germany and Italy, among other countries. bioMérieux offers diagnostic solutions that can be used to determine the origin of diseases and contaminants in order to improve patient health and ensure consumer safety. 

In vitro diagnostics of infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases and tumor diseases as well as therapy monitoring are the focus in the clinical area. Products and solutions in the disciplines of microbiology, immunoassays and molecular biology are offered for this purpose.

In the industrial sector, bioMérieux covers a wide range of solutions for microbiological control in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Whether it is air and surface controls or automated identification, bioMérieux stands for reliable and reproducible microbiological results.

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